“Armstrong and his band are at their best, closing out on a high note that shakes the foundations of country, rock, and old school rhythm and blues.”
From Wildy’s World Review

“I love it!” (my album Old Folks Boogie)
Bob Mosley (Moby Grape)

“You’re on fire!! It’s because you’re the REAL DEAL. You are an amazing dude. There is no one like you at 75!”
Kenny Aronoff (legendary drummer – John Fogerty, John Mellencamp, etc)

“Ron Armstrong’s style of singing is without a doubt unparalleled and assuredly it brings about differences of opinion.  For the vocalist’s honor it must be said that he really doesn’t hesitate bringing forth his self-dependent style. 6/7/13: The video, Old Folks Boogie,  looks and sounds just awesome!”
— Pete Hoppula, Editor of Blues News Magazine (Finland)

“Ron Armstrong stands as a piece of Rock n’ Roll history, yet he is a recently opened vault, chock-full of rockin’ Alternative Country/ Americana/ Roots Rock heart and soul.”
— Jerry Raney, Beat Farmers (San Diego, Calif.)

“I think he’s got that special look of a man knowing who the hell he is.  He’s not selling nonsense, and isn’t playing.  Ron Armstrong is a veteran…’Nuff said.”
Billy Sheppard

“It’s a matter of simply loving Ron’s music and groove- it’s Rock, it’s Blues, it’s Country and there’s Soul and R&B in evidence…His (cover) versions go way beyond imitation…it’s interpretation. The originals are equally rewarding.  Ron Armstrong is a class artist…the real thing indeed.”
Michael Macdonald (Victoria, Australia)

“It is real rock, the way it should be played; unique and just plain fun. Even the covers are done with Armstrong’s own original style that make the old songs new again. It is music that will bring smiles to anyone’s faces.”
 L.Anne Carrington, Indie Music Stop

“Just saw the video, (Old Folks Boogie), congrats! You look awesome at 73.” 
— Derek Sivers (Founder of CDBaby)


Ron Armstrong



APRIL 15, 2016